Tuesday, October 25, 2016


With early morning dew wetting her feet, Enza arrives for this photoshoot and tightly hugs the huge willow tree just behind where she stands. “Oh you are a big, handsome boy! I love trees”, she says after feeling an obvious connection to everything, anything living. She is someone who feels deeply.

Someone with boundless energy and personal drive, she was the creator of Decorenza, the full-service freelance d├ęcor provider to over 25 top builders in Toronto and the GTA. 

After 14 years, at the age of 52, she decided to take a year off and pursue a personal passion and a calling that has been with her for years – to help those with mental health and addictions. Eight years before, she co-founded the charity, Hats On For Awareness. She now is dedicating a year to taking Hats On to the next level.

Hats On began from her own personal experiences with mental illness as well as the loss of her father, Giovanni, to suicide, when he was just 50 years of age. “It was a personal promise I made to myself after his death –that no family should go through what we had gone through” she says with a conviction that has not lessened 29 years after her father’s death.

Startled at hearing a quote she mentioned before, “I am a messenger”, she is working through complex emotions and feelings and agrees that yes, she feels she is a messenger of sorts. She feels she is here to educate and inform people and families of the “deep and dark side of depression”. Part of her message is create a dialog: “Our stories are important, they’re valid and they have the power, far greater than we can imagine, to heal us”.

Hats On’s 8th annual Hatsquerade Gala for mental illness awareness, was held on October 21st and was a huge success. To learn more about this charity and to get involved in the discussion, please visit, www.hatonforawareness.com and be sure to also check out their Facebook page.